Bucket Truck Inspections

Telescopic Combination Boom
Material Handler Sign Cranes
Articulated Platform Trucks
Bridge Snoopers Stability Test
Telescopic Crane Inspections
Industries including telephone, cable, security and overhead crane inspectors will use this type of boom. They are generally non-insulated and rarely exceed 35’ in working height.

Manufacturers include Versalift (pictured), Altec, Lift All, Telsta, Duralift, and Telelect.
Telescopic Crane Inspections
Combination Boom truck
Combination Boom
This boom is similar to the telescopic boom except it incorporates a short articulating lower boom. The short lower boom gives the operator extra height while limiting the extreme side reach that would create a center of gravity problem.
These boom rarely exceed 45’ and can usually be mounted on a lighter truck. Manufacturers include. Elliott (pictured), Altec, Telsta, and Versalift
Material Handler
Adding a light duty jib crane to the tip of a bucket truck enables the worker to hoist materials up to his work area and can act as an extra set of hands as well.

Typically used in the electrical construction industry for lifting and positioning items like transformers while fastening them to utility poles, the material handler option can be added to articulating, telescopic and combination boom.
Manufacturers include Altec, Telelect, Holan, Pitman and Versalift.
Material Handler crane
Sign Cranes Sign Cranes
Used primarily in the sign business, these booms will sometimes incorporate a light duty crane and also a ladder.

Manufacturers include Elliott (pictured), Sponco (pictured), and Radocy (pictured)
Articulated Crane Inspections
Workers generally use these booms in the electrical utility or arborist trades. They come in both insulated and non-insulated versions.

Manufacturers include Altec, Terex, Holan, Telelect, Reach-All, Pitman, Lift All, Hi Ranger, Versalift, Telsta and Teco.
Articulated Crane Inspections
Platform Trucks
Platform Trucks
The platforms are generally large and offer a work area that will exceed that of a bucket truck. You will usually see these lifts used in tunnels and under bridges.

Manufacturers include Challenger Towers and Aerolift.
Bridge Snoopers
While the truck is located on the road surface of the bridge, the 3-piece boom goes out and under the bridge. This setup is designed for bridge inspections.

Common Manufacturers: Paxton Mitchell.
Bridge Snoopers
Stability testing
Stability Test
Crane and Bucket Trucks will need stability tests in certain circumstances. We are experienced and have performed these tests without incident historically.
We perform standard ANSI dielectric tests on bucket trucks, digger derricks and platform trucks. We also perm customer specific testing as well.

We use AC hipots that are required by most manufacturers.

Dielectric test