About Cranes Aerial Truck Service and our Certified Inspectors

Certified crane inspector Tim Michel
Certified crane inspector Mike Rexford
Tim Michel
Email: info@cranesaerialtruckservice.com
NCCCO Certified Crane Inspector
CIC Accredited Mobile Crane Operator
MA Hoisting Engineer 1B License
Crane Ultrasonic Testing Level 1 & 2
Mike Rexford
Email: info@cranesaerialtruckservice.com
NCCCO Certified Crane Inspector
Certified Crane Load Tester
Heavy Equipment Mechanic (20 + years)
Jennifer Larson
Aliesha MacLeod
Logistics Coordinator
Email: Aliesha@cranes101.com

Aliesha started with CATS at the beginning of 2018 and quickly became a part of the team. Her past experiences and attention to detail guarantee that our customers will be scheduled in a timely manner. Her main focus is to keep our customers in compliance. Call Aliesha today at 508-966-4100 x313

Jennifer Sturm
Jennifer Sturm
Email: Jenn@cranes101.com

In 2017, Jennifer’s company, JT Sturm Corporation, purchased the divisions of Sturm Corporation, her father’s company that has been established since 2001. Those divisions include Cranes Aerial Truck Service, Cranes101, and Cranes101 Online.

Jennifer had started with Sturm Corporation while she was still attending high school. Growing up in the construction safety industry, she has gained a unique perspective that enables her to communicate industry regulations and changes in safety to the public. Her involvement has led her to meet with some of the highest regarded safety pioneers in the industry.

Jennifer’s ability to understand the ins and outs of the industry while keeping the end-user in focus helps JT Sturm Corporation in building programs that are consumer-friendly and up-to-date.